Every Sunday we stream a local and international album in it's entirety that we really feel you need to hear from beginning to end. Every album is a piece of mastery that the artists have produced to mark their legacy in the ever changing landscape of music. This week we're showcasing 2 albums that really express and engage with the 'arty' side to music.


Our local submission is Medicine Boy's highly anticipated and freshly released album "Kinda Like Electricity" which is available on Band Camp and on vinyl.

"One thing is for certain. Kinda Like Electricity brings to light a quality of work that keeps building on its previous endeavours to weave a narrative of sound and story unlike any we’ve heard before. Time and time again, Andre and Lucy have reinvented the musical efforts of their roots without losing the soul that encompasses their musicality. Medicine Boy stands as one of the greatest bands South Africa has to offer." -The Fuss

The dream noise duo have three shows left in Cape Town before they head off for a Europe and UK Tour in September. You can catch them at the follow venues:

  • 25 August – Bohemia, Stellenbosch
  • 2nd September – Alma Cafe, Rosebank
  • 3rd September – House of Machines, Cape Town

We'll be streaming "Kinda Like Electricity" from 5pm Sunday 21 August 2016.


This week's international album will be Tobacco's "Sweatbox Dynasty". Tobacco is an electronic musician has "trafficked over the years in the weird, the uncanny, the not-quite-right. He’s done so by taking human elements—often his own voice—and corroding them using filters like vocoder, talk box, and compressed synths that shudder like an atelectatic lung." (PItchfork)

"The new LP—his second for Ghostly International—finds the rural recluse resurrecting an old approach to hack a new path through the muck. This may be his most unintentionally psychedelic and left-field creation yet, full of rhythms that start and stop like a tractor on its last piston, resonating melodies made to fuel transcendental meltdowns, and vocals that hiss, gurgle, and growl." -Ghostly

Definitely an album you'll need to hear in it's entirety. We'll be streaming it from 6pm, Sunday 21 August 2016.



This week's episode of #InTheRumpusRoom feels a little bit like time travel (well I like to pretend it is). Byron Spillman, Cape Town residing musician, popped by our studio before leaving on his tour along South Africa's East Coast (which he is currently on) where he'll be playing at small town pubs, backpackers and anywhere that he can busk. 

Byron describes himself simply: "Musician. Acoustic. Electric. Slap-Guitar. Loops. Percussion. Voice. Sing. Love." He's done other covers which are available on his Soundcloud page- definitely have a listen to his cover of "When You Were Young" which he mentions in the video. You can live his travels vicariously through his Instagram and keep up to date with him through his Facebook page.

We wish Byron the best of luck on his tour.



While walking into Assemby on Wednesday night just after 9, I realised I had misjudged the time a bit and regrettably missed Zombies Ate My Girlfriend's first couple of songs.

The band had just come back from playing at one of the worlds biggest metal festivals, Wacken Open Air, where they won an international battle of the bands. You have to realise that this does not only speak of the quality of the band, but also of the growth of local metal. With this said, I expected them to be good. Damn good. But I still wasn't really prepared for what they had in store for us.

A well rehearsed Zombies Ate My Girlfriend were on fucking fire! Still high from Wacken, ZAMG hit hard! I've been a smaller fan in the past when their first EP came out and had always enjoyed their music, so to have it executed so well in front of me was a treat. Stops and starts between riffs were tighter than a nun's arse and those split seconds of silence were just enough to take a breath before they kicked the rest of your teeth out. Gavin Marchbank's vocals were brutal. The unrelenting dirty highs covered the bands kick-ass riffs well, but despite the odd ball-tingling lows he got out, I couldnt help but feel he needed a bit more variation. It was the only downside I could think of in their set. They stole the show in their own way and I only hope they keep this level of professionalism and intensity for the rest of their career.

Facing the Gallows are known to be one of South Africa's best core bands to date. A well established name amongst a crowd of up-and-comers to be sure. But I've watched them progress over the years from a hungry deathcore band to the more mainstream metalcore they are today. That's not a bad thing at all, but I can't help think of them as a Frankenstein band.. Put together from pieces of so many metalcore bands I've heard before. I felt that most of their songs were made of riffs cloned from well-known overseas bands all stitched together. Don't get me wrong though. They played well. Like.. Really well. From the vocal range on Bryan to the technical skill of the rest of the band, it's easy to see that they mean business. But I couldn't help feel I've heard it all before somewhere.

At the end of the day though, they're still at the top of the list when it comes to local core bands with a ferocious live show and they proved themselves on stage with an exciting stage presence and tight show. If you're into metalcore this band is a must-see! Few bands explode on stage like FTG does.

As for the big fish, I was in two minds to be honest. I expected a dynamic, nostalgia filled joy-ride of my favorite songs, but experienced something slightly different. August Burns Red came out guns blazing and they were NOT taking prisoners. From start to finish Assembly was being brutalized and we loved it. They had a perfect mix of newer and older tracks and every single one was an absolute killer. This is definitely a great example of a band not getting soft with age. Relentless, balls-to-wall, white-knuckling force right in your face. I tried moshing for a time but simply couldn't keep up.

Jake Luhrs sounds exactly as he does on the album. Without a single word out of place and some well timed mic-play showed that he was an absolute commander of the stage. JB and Brent flawlessly shredded out the most brutal riffs while jumping around and sharing in the fun. Matt Greiner showed me that ABR blasts a lot more than I realised and his lengthy drum solo left me in awe. Dustin Davidson forgot his bass tone at home and replaced it with a fucking earthquake. I must have moved back a meter with every slide down the neck.

But I really reckon the crowd was an extra member in ABR. With non-stop moshing and the surprising circle-pit or two really got me moving (hehe..) But in all seriousness, there were even times I couldn't hear Luke's vocals over the crowd's singing. With the end of the night seeing lots of sweaty people, it's fair to say that we all had a blast! 10 out of 10. Would watch again.

A stunning display of talent from both international and local bands only showing how tiny the gap between the two is. If you get the chance to see any of these bands, fucking go! \m/

By Cuen Nicolson

Photography: James Stein Photography



This week’s Full Album Listening Party (Sundays 5-7pm) features future afro band TheCity’s self titled EP and DJ Yoda’s ‘Stranger Things the Mixtape’. We’ll be starting off with TheCity’s 5 track EP at 5pm and moving onto DJ Yoda’s tribute mix at 6pm.

TheCITY, a Future Afro band from Cape Town, South Africa, are guided by a strong belief in paying tribute to their musical heritage. By blending African rhythms and grooves with electronic sounds and soulful melodies TheCity are one of Cape Town’s top acts. The band released their debut EP in 2015, have been playing shows all over, have been a part of multiple other music projects and will be performing on the Nu World Stage at Rocking The Daisies in October. You can check them out on Youtube, Soundcloud and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

DJ Yoda, a turntabilst from the UK, has created a mixtape which threads together tracks featured in and inspired by the ‘80s-set Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’. Even though a 2 volumed soundtrack is to be released, scored by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (who are a part of the Austin band S U R V I V E) DJ Yoda’s mixtape mashes the show's soundtrack with sound bites of dialogue to create a tribute mix just for the fans; especially now that we’re impatiently waiting for Season 2.

If you have yet to acquaint yourself with this vastly popular show; do yourself a favour and get on it. We highly recommend it- you can watch the trailer below.


Lincoln Hunter, a musician and music teacher based in Cape Town, came round to play 'Scarborough Fair' by Simon and Garfunkel, which he dedicated to his students. We asked him a couple of questions afterwards like what biscuit he'd think he'd be.

Lincoln teaches music at the Gisela Lange Music Centre at the German International School as well as his own solo work. You can keep up to date with all his movements through Facebook or Instagram and listen to his stuff on Reverbnation.